sometimes good things
happen by accident

Mo is The Accidental Baker. When we moved to Calitzdorp three years ago, we couldn't find any decent bread. So, Mo taught herself how to bake sourdough bread. In-between working on the farm, she would bake up to 20 loaves of bread in her kitchen, share it with our staff and friends and sell it in town. Sourdough became an addiction, a choice to slow things down, to take the time to appreciate. A connection to the soil, the sun, the farmers, the millers, the grain and our bread. To our family, our friends, community and travellers staying with us who touch our lives & our souls...

Mo's breads are made entirely with farmer stoneground flour milled from regionally sourced, organic and non-GMO wheat and speciality grains. Mo bakes breads that are deceptively simple in ingredients and complex in process. She uses ancient techniques in fermentation, the simplest high-quality local ingredients, patience, time and love to turn out real bread.

What started out of need, soon became a passionate hobby and is now a successful high demand endeavour. The Accidental Baker has stepped up her game, and along with her 2 apprentice bakers has moved from the farm kitchen to a disused wine cellar next door. The large open space has been renovated to accommodate the bakery and a cafe. The cafe terrace provides patrons with a splendid view over the valley, vineyards and mountains while enjoying their bread and cakes, coffee and kombucha.

Due to COVID the bakery and café terrace is open every Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM. We are located at 53 Wesoewer Road in Calitzdorp (next door to Lenies Hof). We hope to return to our normal times of Wednesday to Saturday soon. If you can't make it to the bakery, please give Mo a call at 079 868 7478 or WhatsApp her to place your bread order.

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