Still Pure

For the last 4 years, the Klein Karoo, and the Western Cape Province have been plagued by one of the worst droughts on record. This has had a tremendous impact on the farm, most notably the loss of our essential oil plants due to lack of water. The situation has forced us to reconsider and look at other ways of sourcing plant material, producing oils, developing skin, body and wellness products, and most importantly, how best to access the essential oils market?!

A wise someone once said to us - start with the end in mind - and in our case, this meant beginning by 'planting ourselves' in the essential oils market before growing new essential oil plants. Almost by coincidence, the opportunity presented itself to buy into a South African company specialising in essential oil and cold-pressed oil products. We jumped at the chance to get involved and enter the market. So we are proud to announce that Lenies Hof has expanded its business and strengthened its South African foothold and BIG little Farm concept as a partner in Still Pure.

Still Pure is based in the beautiful Winelands of the Western Cape (Riebeek Kasteel), with a long-standing presence in anything related to essential oils and natural, botanical products for body and home.

Using our essential oils and cold-pressed oils, we have developed an extensive range which includes skin washes, moisturisers, healing balms, bath products, scrubs, room fresheners, fragranced soy candles and much more. All are uniquely African and handcrafted from scratch using our own recipes. We are involved in the production of our oils from seed to scent to bottle, forming partnerships with farmers and upliftment projects, overseeing the distillation process and then purchasing the oil back from the growers. This ensures consistently superb quality oils, with no middlemen, earning farmers more and keeping prices affordable for the end-user.

Our Lenies Hof ethos of ‘supporting local’ in the form of partnering with local farmers, assisting local communities, introducing new skill sets and using ingredients sourced as close to home as possible, ties in with Still Pure's ideals. We passionately share the conviction that all products need to be environmentally friendly and environmental awareness and education should be spread as far and wide as possible.

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